About Me

Hello I am Blessing, the blogger behind Blessings Bookshelf. I’m 21 and currently at university, trying to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life. I am also an Alpha / Beta reader as well as an ARC Reviewer.

But I have always loved books and the worlds I get to explore in the pages of books. I enjoy all types of romance especially young adult romance, paranormal and urban fantasy romance, contemporary romance ( especially if its angsty) and reverse harem romances. I sort off binge books, I’ve been known to read 2-3 200-300 page books per day if I’m not doing much work. 

During lockdown due to Coronavirus I had time to look at book related accounts on Instagram and this inspired me to start my own bookstagram account. I loved the bookstagram community and the success on my account inspired me to start a book blog which I’m finding is the perfect creative outlet for me and allows me to share my love and excitement for books and for the authors that write them.

About Blessing’s Bookshelf

One evening I was discussing books with my sister and she was like, ‘what if we shared this with others?’ we discussed how we could share our love for books in an easy, low cost way and Blessings Bookshelf was born. I have made so many friends on this journey and discovered so many books through other Bookstagrammers who have just been so amazing and supportive.

I hope you enjoy the content as much as I enjoy creating and writing it!!!!