Review: Things we never got over by Lucy Score

The Evil twin mention in the synopsis hooked me. This book snuck up on me and surprised me in a good way. I absolutely enjoyed reading Noami’s story. I loved the fact that Lucy didn’t focus on her run from the alter for too long and jumped into her journey of self-discovery and relationship building between Noami and her neice, Waylay.

Lets discuss Knox! I always love a Grumpy hero as long as in their point of view they have a backstory and thoughts. Lucy created in my opinion one of the most swoon-worthy grumpy, sexy characters I have ever read coupled with the tension and high amount of spiciness. His denial of the attraction between them at the beginning infuriated me slightly but as the book went on I loved the tension and the moment of realization that he couldn’t fight his attraction anymore.

Overall, great story with a great pace and a showdown scene at the end where the evil twin sort of redeems herself for a minute before going back to a selfish ways and a overarching mystery which keeps things interesting.

I absolutely enjoyed this book and I am about to start Things we hide from the light.

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