Review of Mistress to a monster by Sam Crescent

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For decades, war has raged between the Russo and De Luca families.

When Damon De Luca finally brings the head of Russos to his knees, he demands to have Milah Russo at his beck and call. Not as his wife, but as his mistress.

Milah will never go to Damon willingly. Caged up in his home, she fights him, but her days are numbered. She may be a Russo, but she belongs to him, and he will do whatever it takes to have and protect her.

Determined to survive, Milah refuses to die at the mercy of the De Lucas. When she uncovers her great-aunt’s journal, a story of a woman killed by De Luca’s grandfather, she cannot believe the revelations inside.

Damon breaks down her walls, making it impossible to continue hating him.

She doesn’t want to give in or fall for him. But what will happen when that monster is no more?

When Damon reveals what he feels for her, will Milah continue the Russo tradition of destruction and pain, or will she put an end to their feud once and for all?


I was given an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.

I am a super fan of Sam Crescent so I pounced on this book. I fell in love with Milah very quickly, she knows her worth, kind and thoughtful. I did feel that she either wasn’t comfortable with her identity or didnt like accepting her identity. I think accepting herself and her situation was an important part of her story so that she could open up her heart to the possibility of Damon.

Unfortunately, Damon had to work twice as hard to win me over. We first meet him when he takes Milah from her father in a questionable deal. His initial plan infuriated me so it took me most of the book before I began to forgive him. I loved the chemistry between them towards the middle of the book. The sex scenes were steamy.

My favorite part of the story is when Milah is finding herself, she discovers her aunts journal and explores the relationship her aunt had with Damon’s grandfather. She became more open to loving Damon and them having an HEA however, Damon had to be stupid and spoil the progress he had made due to his inability to let revenge go.

I enjoyed the tension that built throughout this book and liked the fact that this was a dark romance that didn’t go to far and cross any of my boundaries around questionable consent that can make me very uncomfortable and mad ( I know this is sometimes the point/ feature of dark romances). The rivalry made the story even more interesting, it was like a very twisted Romeo and Juliet except that they hate each other and want revenge, I loved the ending and found it very sweet.

I highly recommend this book especially if you like any of Sam Crescent’s MC romances or mafia romances.

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