Review of The Not-Outcast by Tijan

I love Tijan’s books they never disappoint, this book has become one of my favorites and I got hooked by the prologue. This book follows Cheyenne from her youth through many traumatic events and rejection. Cheyenne has been misdiagnosed a lot during her younger years, she has a mental disorder that means she finds it difficult to concentrate and relate to the world in the same way most of us do. she has also been abandoned by her father and has a drug addict mother. Despite the abuse she experiences she still has a cheery personality and a positive outlook on life and is loyal.

Cutler is a hockey player and the MMC of this story who Cheyenne fell in love with during high school but he didn’t notice her. When they begin dating he is supportive, protective and understanding. I loved the relationship that they have and found it so sweet, she totally deserved to have someone in her corner and they had chemistry.

My favorite scene must have been the scene when the little brother chooses her instead of his dad and brother. I cried during this scene because finally someone in her family is publicly showing her love and choosing her. A close second was when the step-mother comes and apologizes to her for her awful behavior and words.

I hated her ‘nut-brother’ and her father they were both douchebags but the upside is that she made her own family who were just as loyal and protective as she was of them. Her biological family were selfish, uncaring and did not take the time to get to know her but just acted on their ignorant assumptions. The only person I liked from the biological family was the baby brother, he was so sweet and innocent.

I fell in love with Cheyenne and her view of the world, Tijan wrote the some of the story from her point of view and I loved those parts because it allowed us to experience the world from a different perspective.

This was definitely a must read especially if you love college romances and quirky heroines.

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