Review: The Affair by Danielle Steel

This book was a mixed bag for me. Danielle Steel wrote this book beautifully and captured my attention however the ending for me was a massive let down for me its like she completely erased the character growth that Nadia had gone through and validated Nicholas because he didn’t do much to gain forgiveness or to change.

We are introduced to the main characters through the eyes of Rose, the family matriarch. I loved the dynamic between the four sisters as well as the dynamic between the sisters and their mom. The relationship between them was just beautiful, they were supportive of each other and the genuine affection between them was very clear as well as the strong relationship with Rose, their mother.

I loved the fact that Nadia did not rush to decisions that she weighed how each choice would affect her and her children which I felt was a responsible thing for her to do. This is juxtaposed with Nicholas’ rash decision to find short term, selfish, cheap pleasure with Pascale who kept pushing away any thought of consequences and the effect of his actions on others close to him (ahem…his wife!!!)

Don’t get me wrong I loved the beginning of this book but I was really unhappy with how it ended I don’t think that Nicolas just deserves to get back with Nadia I mean he was this selfish asshole, who just took everything for granted. He left and went and lived a cosy life with Pascale, his mistress, until the baby was born and when he realised that Pascale was an immature, immoral and selfish person who didn’t want a long term relationship who couldn’t meet his needs, he turned round and went back to his wife like she was the perfect backup plan if anything went wrong.

Nicholas was a spoilt person who was given no real punishment for his actions. Despite being a wonderful and attentive father to his two children and eventually the baby He did not seem to understand the emotional pain that her was forcing Nadia to go through.

This began as a very nuanced portrayal of a complicated relationship and how an affair affects a marriage and a family but I felt that by the end the author was trying really hard to have the two back together to emphasise forgiveness. But for their to be forgiveness I fell that the person who needs forgiving needs to be at least apologetic which Nicholas isn’t. He never apologised properly nor showed evidence of him changing to be a better man, husband and father

I’m sorry if this review seemed a bit ranty but this book rubbed me the wrong way.

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