Top 9 books of 2021

This year I discovered some awesome authors including Blake Blessing, Nalini Singh ( yes, I know that I am late to the game) and Lola Rock who I fell in love with and can’t wait for their 2022 releases. I was obsessed with Nalini Singh this year and slowly got through her Psy-changeling series and her Guildhunter series (which I haven’t finished yet).

I had the opportunity to talk to some of my favorite authors (see interview page) and read their new releases and they did not disappoint! I loved Suzanne Wrights new books and I honestly cannot wait for her new witch series – the Devils cradle series, I am totally screaming inside. Let me not forget Serena Akeroyd and Sam Crescent who have recently released some awesome books, such as Filthy secret and Second Best respectively, that I can’t stop raving about.

I can confidently say I am still obsessed with Lani Lynn Vale’s heroes and her quirky women and am waiting with baited breath for her new MC series, Battle Crow MC.

All the books on this list I highly recommend, go and check them out!!!

1: Filthy Secret by Serena Akeroyd

2: Second Best by Sam Crescent

3: Virtue and Vanity by Astrid Jane Ray

1: Inmate of the Month by Lani Lynn Vale

2: Fractured by Blake Blessing

3: The Favor by Suzanne Wright

1: Pack Darling part 1 by Lola Rock

2: Outfoxed by R.J Blain

3: Archangels Blade by Nalini Singh

Which book(s) was your favorite for 2021?

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