Review: One Night in Garoureve by Elle M Drew

I was given an advanced copy of this book for an honest review.

This is the first book I have read from the author Elle M Drew. This book is a paranormal romance with fated mates and opposites attract. I was so happy when I saw the cover of this book and I screamed, there was a curvy girl on the cover. It annoys me sometimes when you start reading a book or it states in the blurb that the heroine is curvy or plus sized but the cover has a supermodel on it. Mini rant over (sorry)

Lets get back to the book, One night in Garoreve takes place in a cursed town. Ariana, the heroine, pulls into Garoreve to take a break from driving and find a place to sleep, she meets Colburn. There was instant attraction between them and  the sexual tension was so strong. They have a one night stand and she leaves to go home. She gets home and confronts her dirtbag of a boyfriend. This scene feels like the true beginning of the story in my opinion. This is the beginning of their romance, the push and pull, her indecisiveness, his secrets and a cursed town.

I found Ariana very relatable, she is a curvy girl with low self-esteem and struggles with how she thinks others perceive her. She is a people pleaser who has been taken advantage of. I liked that later on in the book when he asks/suggests she moves in with him, she takes time to think about it first instead of jumping in head first and causing a conflict later.

I had mixed feelings about Colburn, I liked that he was very caring, sweet and tender towards Ariana. He is the alpha of the pack in Garoreve and he is very mysterious. I disliked the fact that he kept the fact he was a wolf shifter and that the town was cursed away a secret. Once she found out I like the fact the conflict didn’t last long and the story kept moving.

My favorite scene from this book was when she confronts her boyfriend and lists her grievances against him. This scene was amazing and I love the fact that she walks away ad switches off her phone so that he can’t keep annoying her.

I enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it especially to those who love paranormal romances or angst. I can’t wait for book two!!!

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