A Vow to Hate by Laylah James

“ This is NOT a pretty fairytale, our love story was messy and flawed- a twisted tale. But it was perfect in the most imperfect way.”

We are introduced to Julianna in a horrific and traumatic way. A car crash that killed her sister Gracelynn. This hooked me! We follow Julianna as she marries her sisters ex-fiancé who hates her because he blames her for Grace’s death. She is left at the altar after the I Do’s and whisked away to Isle Rosa-Marie (I think) where she is left to her own devices. Killian (the ex-fiancé) is forced into trying for a baby and relationship with someone he loathes. There is a twist that I totally did not see coming but I don’t want to give everything away.

Julianna is a self-destructive, self-loathing, masochist, she punishes herself for surviving the crash when her sister didn’t. she is scarred, lonely and neglected but sometimes she can be sassy and stubborn. Killian is a dark, brooding alpha who is out for vengeance because he loves deeply. I liked Killian, his emotional journey seemed realistic but I don’t condone his bully-like behavior.

My Favorite scene would be the table scene after Killian sees her face. She is much more confident and sassy in this scene. She is finally fighting for what she wants and not self-destruction or for provoking Killian into punishing her. There chemistry is just of the charts and the forbidden element at the beginning of the romance was amazing and drew me in and had me rooting for them even more.
I loved this book it was angsty and dark and twisty. It is definitely a page turner and was an enjoyable read. I agree with the protagonist that this story is a twisted fairytale.

If you read this book tell us what your favorite scene was

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