Review: Ricochet by Candice Wright

Rating: 4/5

Tropes: Polygamous relationship, menage, dark romance

I’m on a streak this week, books from new authors to me. Candice wright is not afraid to write about deeply sensitive and emotional subjects that which had me crying. Ricochet was an entertaining read full of unexpected twists.

Ricochet is beautifully written as well as emotionally charged from the very beginning. Before chapter one is over you will be rooting for Viddy and hoping that she will have a happy ending. The journey Viddy goes through is tough and hard to read at times as she seems to have the worst of luck.

Viddy is a deliciously complex mix of hard steel with a gooey middle. She is a multifaceted character with a strong moral compass and caring nature who at the same time is a person with a strong survival instinct and hard veneer. A criminal I didn’t expect to sympathize with.

This city is mine, I dare you to try and take it from me. Just be prepared to lose, because I will ruin you. And my twisted little black heart will revel in your downfall.’

The only downside was that I was slightly unhappy with the ending. Why did she only end up with some of the men and not all of the men she had tight relationships with especially with Cash and his daughter Lily. I think she would have been a great step-mom.  

My favorite scene in this book which was hard to choose, there are many to choose from that are just as great, is the scene where she gets her revenge against Zodiac ( the big bad of this book) She took her power back.

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