Leah’s Warrior by Elizabella Baker

I loved this story which was written beautifully and the plot was amazing. This book is an insta-love romance with a meet cute that is so adorable, so sweet which I can actually see happening in real life.

Arlo is an alpha and he’s really protective and Leah is a survivor, she’s strong and doesn’t give up and has strong morals. The chemistry between Leah and Arlo is so steamy and Arlo has just become one of my favorite book boyfriends. I loved how protective Terry was and wished for the author to include more scenes showcasing this wonderful father-figure and daughter relationship. I loved the ending and I cant wait to find out more about the Charlies team and the community in Texas.

There was some light suspense but I felt that the villain of the story was a bit too one-dimensional and his second wife Maura seems empty she could have been anyone we didn’t get a feel for her she was just supposed to be this person who just popped up on the side of the villain for no apparent reason which did not add to the story.


Winning her heart won’t be easy. But he’s never backed down from a challenge…
Her abusive ex took everything from her. But she escaped—barely. Now, it’s time to start over. To learn how to live instead of just surviving. Love wasn’t in her future, though. She was sure of that. Until she met a sexy biker with the heart of a warrior and the kindest eyes she’d ever seen. That’s when everything changed…

He had the perfect life. Being leader of Charlie Team, putting his military experience to good use, was all he needed. Romance was for other people—never him. Then he saw a woman with the face of an angel and eyes that held a lifetime’s worth of pain. That’s when he knew he had to help her, protect her…and make her his…

Arlo’s willing to do anything to earn Leah’s trust and keep her safe. Too bad her ex has other plans for them…

Leah’s Warrior, book 2 in the Charlie Team series, is a steamy contemporary romantic suspense read featuring a heroine who is stronger than she ever realized, and the alpha protector who wins her heart. Happily ever after guaranteed. Download today and get ready to fall in love with your next favourite series.

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