Review: Wintersfall by Sarah Westill

I loved this book and the vibrant world it introduced me too. The world building in this book was done really well, it was well thought out and explained in an organic way as we discover and learn about the world along with Katria who is new to the society. This is a slowburn romance that I consider an urban fantasy/ paranormal romance with some light suspense.

 “ She knew falling in love with Sean Blackbain wouldn’t be difficult. If she were honest, she’d admit perhaps she already had, long before a document gave her permission.”

Sean, the main male character is an alpha with hidden depths who is protective and tries to be morally good. He is a sympath Genheir, someone who genetically inherits a skill, which means he sees peoples true emotions. Katria who is a sharpshooter Genheir is a loyal person who is protective, badass ,beautiful and bold and seems self-assured publicly. The chemistry between Sean and Katria is so steamy and intense.

Katria and Sean can be vulnerable with each other which I found awesome because it strengthens their budding relationship. I loved the way that they navigated the issues that kept being thrown at them whilst strengthening their relationship. The steamy scenes felt organic and were very steamy.

One drawback was that I was unsure about Cora and whether or not we were meant to like her. Was she just Masons sister who was too nosy for her own good or was she Seans’ evil ex with an unknown agenda? She didn’t seem to care about the consequences of her actions on others.

I loved the team dynamic which amazing, I loved that the secondary characters were multi-dimensional characters with their own personalities, quirks and mystery which will be unraveled in other books which I cannot wait to read.

Overall, the light suspense and overarching mystery keeps you hooked and I can’t wait for Kevins’ Book!!!


A Gen-Heir to her assassin father’s legacy, Katria Nachemir will do almost anything to find the person responsible for murdering her mother and sister. Even become an assassin herself. In exchange for a deeper investigation into their deaths, she agrees to be a member of an Intel Guardian team, despite knowing the path is the last one her father would wish her to take.

Generations of dark family history have left Sean Blackbain, Primary Guardian Wintersfall, with limited choices. Either remain in Sziveria to face the whispers, or become the leader of a team and disappear.

Three years later, a botched assignment sends the team home, and a shocking detail is revealed concerning Sean and Katria’s government contracts. They’re married.

With Sean’s tainted past, and Katria’s carefully guarded family secret, neither are prepared for marriage. Exploring the murders of Katria’s family proves to be dangerous, and Sean realizes he’ll do anything to keep his wife safe. As they work together to discover the intricate lengths an unknown enemy has gone to keep the truth hidden, the passion they denied for so long begins to boil over. The bonds of their relationship are tested as the professional lines engrained between them blur.

Spoilers Alert

My Favorite Scene that showed the main characters vulnerability and genuine care for each other was when Katria asks Sean if he wants kids whilst they are training and in his POV we can see that he is afraid they may never have kids due to biology and is unsure how to share this with Katria. The consideration shown on both sides made me want to cry.

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