Review of Raiventon

Title: Raiventon

Series: Gen-Heirs

Author: Sarah Westill

Tropes: Arranged marriage, enemies to lovers

Rating: 4.5/5


This book was a wonderful read that balanced the action and suspense well with the romance. The characters are well written and the story well paced. I loved the world that I got to dive back into.

I have to admit after book one I was not a fan of Raina because she seemed spoilt. In the beginning chapters of this book I felt frustrated because she seemed naïve and surprisingly uneducated on her own society in which she has high standing. As the book goes on we come to understand that her father has controlled every part of her life which had resulted in her not learning or observing society as she would have but I feel that this does not excuse her especially since she wants to free herself from her father implying in book one that she knows how calculating and dangerous her world around her is. But she doesn’t which I have stated earlier frustrated me so much in the first half of the book.

I feel there are two versions of Raina before she was kidnapped and after she was kidnapped which Kevin comments on, “ You aren’t Raina Edmond daughter of Arch Guardian Synintel pretending to be Raina Merrick, wife of Master Guardian Raiventon. You are Raina Merrick, Guardianess Raiventon. And no one is going to tell or treat otherwise.”

Kevin is a mysterious character that we discover layer by layer throughout the book. I loved the gradual reveal of what makes Kevin, Kevin. It kept me reading as I wanted the questions I had answered, which they were by the end of the book. Kevin is intense but selfless, quietly caring and supportive which is why it takes Raina a while to warm up to him since she couldn’t see if he cared for her or not. The climbing sexual tension between Kevin and Raina is undeniable as the story continues and I find Kevin’s protectiveness so sexy.

Obviously as mentioned before this book is a romantic suspense, the overarching plot keeps you on your toes. We get to see the team in their element, but what was something I didn’t know I needed is learning about the team from the perspective of an outsider. As we meet the team through Raina’s eyes we see there characters in a different light not just for their badassery.

I loved reading this book and despite my mini rant on Raina’s character at the beginning, I did enjoy their story and loved their romance and appreciate Raina’s character growth. I can’t wait for Masons story. I highly recommend this book to lovers of angsty romances and romantic suspense stories.

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