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  • Review: The Affair by Danielle Steel
    This book was a mixed bag for me. Danielle Steel wrote this book beautifully and captured my attention however the ending for me was a massive let down for me its like she completely erased the character growth that Nadia had gone through and validated Nicholas because he didn’t do much to gain forgiveness or … More Review: The Affair by Danielle Steel
  • Review: Her Dark Priests by Elizabeth Blackthorne
    I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a really nice change to read about Egyptian gods and goddesses instead of the Greek ones, so that was a treat. I liked her character at the beginning, she was assertive, confident in her own knowledge and worth. She knew what she wanted to do and found … More Review: Her Dark Priests by Elizabeth Blackthorne
  • Resolution Audiobook is LIVE!!!!
    Listen Here. Amazon Goodreads Blurb: Romance is not in Wade Mason’s portfolio. This is tragic. It’s unfair that a man so maddeningly gorgeous—an architect with a deliciously squarish jaw, adorably dimpled chin, and the hottest black glasses that straddle the line between professional and provocative—rebukes all things love.  I knew this well before I walked … More Resolution Audiobook is LIVE!!!!
  • Elle M Drew Interview Questions
    What are 5 fun facts about yourself ? I have been writing fanfic for 20 years. I can sew, crochet, and knit, and I have all of the supplies, but I do none of those things regularly. I jokingly started bullet journaling in 2021, and now I’m still doing it happily. I’m 100% a cat … More Elle M Drew Interview Questions
  • Dear Heart You Screwed Me | Ashlee Rose
    🔥🔥 COVER REVEAL!! 🔥🔥 Dear Heart, You Screwed Me, a best friends dad/accidental marriage standalone by @Ashleeroseauthor is coming March 1st!Pre-order here → mybook.to/DHYSM Dear Heart, I can’t believe I am even writing this.I wanted a fresh start, to follow a new dream that I had to find after I lost Elijah. Moving to New … More Dear Heart You Screwed Me | Ashlee Rose

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